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Bridging the gap to healing: Comprehensive Behavioral Health Services

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Taylor Jacobs recently stepped into the role of Onboarding Coordinator, while continuing to bring her passion and dedication to our outpatient SUD  treatment program. Committed to helping individuals overcome addiction and other challenges, Taylor ensures that evidence-based care is at the forefront of our services, guiding clients towards lasting recovery.

Continuing her education at the University of Baltimore, Taylor is working on her graduate degree to become licensed in clinical mental health cousneling. 

Outside of her professional pursuits, Taylor finds joy in her roles as a wife and mother of three children. Embracing nature's beauty, she spends her free time gardening, birding, and cherishing quiet moments with her beloved cat, Myrrhwyk.

Taylor offers individual and group counseling services within our outpatient substance abuse treatment program. To connect with Taylor for services, please reach out to us at: 410-861-0066 or click the button below to send an email.

Let’s Work Together!

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