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Psychiatric Substance Use evaluation

Medication Management is a vital part of our continuum of care. Medication management is a service intended to help our clients manage prescription medication, symptoms, and changes. It is a guided approach to taking medications, which allows for a number of benefits, especially in the mental health field.

Typically, medication management begins with discussing medical history and history of medications. Then, determining proper medications and when medications will be taken, while addressing any issues with symptoms or adverse reactions while a patient is taking prescribed medication. The medication management plan is a collaborative medication strategy that is put in place by health professionals in tandem with their clients.


Medication Management is an integral part of the ongoing care strategy provided to clients at Kindred Treatment Center. Medications can have either positive or negative effects on the client depending on a number of factors that may be too complicated for the patient to manage by themselves. We believe it is important to work with a medical provider that works as part of your comprehensive treatment team and specializes in behavioral health, as they understand the unique needs of mental health support. In addition to supporting your mental health symptoms, we also offer medication assisted treatment options to support your success in recovery from drugs and alcohol. 

Set yourself up for success and meet with one of our medical providers. 

Substance Abuse Evaluations, Court, DUI
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Our Medical Director

Kem has immediate openings! Contact us to schedule an appointment for medication management and psychiatric evaluations. 

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