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Amelia Seiple

Marriage & Family Therapist Intern

Amelia Seiple, a graduate of York College of Pennsylvania with a BS degree in Behavioral Science and a minor in Psychology, recently joined our team and she is already settiling in with so many ideas and goals for our community! 


Amelia is comfortable working with diverse populations facing various mental health challenges. Her experience spans across all age groups, with a particular focus on crisis intervention and family-based therapy.  Prior to joining KTC, Amelia worked as a family-based therapist in Pennsylvania, providing individual counseling and case management services to children, adults, couples, and familiies. 

Currently pursuing a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Amelia is actively expanding her expertise in systemic approaches and specialized modalities such as EFT, CBT, and BCT.  She embraces an integrative approach to therapy, tailoring treatment to each client's unique needs with the goal of empowering individuals and fostering flexibility in their journey towards healing. Amelia recognizes that successful treatment outcomes are rooted in the establishment and cultivation of trust and collaboration between therapist and client.

Amelia's dedication to individualized and holistic healing shines through in her approach to strengthening family bonds. By implementing therapeutic interventions tailored to each family's needs, she promotes healthy attachment, emotional regulation, and executive functioning. This commitment underscores her holistic approach to healing, ensuring that each family receives personalized care and support on their journey to wellness.

We are delighted to have Amelia join our team. We hope to fill a large need in our community for family and adolscent counseling support services. 


Outside of her professional pursuits, Amelia finds joy in married life and cherishes moments spent walking her beloved dog. Her warmth and dedication make her a valued member of our  team, committed to supporting individuals and families on their path to wellness. 

We are very excited to have Amelia join our team and meet the needs of our community! If you would like to meet with Amelia, contact us below!

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