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Ceyonna Lewis, LGPC

My name is Ceyonna Lewis and I am a licensed graduate professional counselor in Maryland.  My educational background includes a master's degree in professional counseling from Liberty University. My specialties and areas of interest include crisis (suicidal ideation and behaviors) anxiety, depression, mood disorders, stress management, and behavioral concerns. Additionally, I also have experience working with children and adults in  individual and group settings, as well as family counseling.


In life, we face challenges that may seem too difficult to handle and, at times, we begin to worry, become frustrated, or even feel like giving up; however, there is hope. My passion and dedication has been to assist individuals in addressing their mental health concerns. I am here to support you in navigating through these moments so that you may strengthen your confidence, develop autonomy in making important life decisions and choices, and utilize skills to overcome any obstacle in your way.


Hope is the desire for change and I am here to assist you in making that first step towards change. Let's partner together to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.

To request Ceyonna, please call 410-861-0066 or click request services link below!

Let’s Work Together!

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